• Classical Dressage

    Classical Dressage

    An Art Form Classical-dressage can be considered an art. Adding passion and expression to the techniques of riding and training leads a rider into a whole new perception of horses, dressage and communicating with the horse. It begins to resemble a dance of two partners. The word Dressage seems to have many definitions. The one most commonly used for the Sport of Dressage by the USDF is: "Dressage is a French term meaning “training” and its purpose is to develop the horse’s natural athletic ability and willingness to work making him calm, supple and attentive to his rider." Read More
  • About Placido Dressage

    About Placido Dressage

    Placido Dressage is located at Tally Ho Farm, and  is a full service equestrian facility. Read More
  • The Iberian Horse

    The Iberian Horse

      Homer in the Iliad, Chap XVI, refers to the Iberian horses, fast as the wind and sons of Podargo, the harpy that was impregnated by the wind Zephyr while grazing at the borders of the River Oceanus - in modern terms, the Atlantic Here at Placido Dressage Iberian , we are committed to the preservation, through the correct breeding and the Classical training, of the Lusitano and PRE Horse. We specialize in the breeding of Lusitanos that truly follow the heritage, both in body and spirit, of this.... the oldest and most noble of breeds. “There is nothing to innovate on a several thousand-year-old race, but a lot to preserve. The race alone by itself, if properly bred, will take care of its own evolution. “ Read More
  • Rubens Horses: Our Logo

    Rubens Horses: Our Logo

    Our Placido Dressage logo is taken from Peter Paul Rubens work, entitled "Saint George Battles the Dragon." The original work is currently found in the Museo Nacional del Prado, located in Madrid. From the gallery website, "According to Jacopo de la Voragine's Golden Legend, Saint George slew the dragon that was terrorizing the people of Silene, saving a princess in peril. Read More
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